You automatically receive a free low resolution digital copy of all prints ordered (personal use only).

Use of Digital Images

Unless purchased as a promotional image digital copies are for Personal Use Only but this does allow you to use them on a personal non-business FB page or Trade Me. For full details please refer to the Terms and Conditions

After an event how long is it before photos are uploaded?

Usually two or three days depending on how big the event is.

How long does it take to process my order?

Normally prints are posted within seven to ten days from receipt of payment. With digital copies I process them as soon as possible but please be aware that I do edit them to provide you with the best possible image. This does take time.

How long are images left on the website for?

Images are usually only on the website for five or six weeks.

Can I order photos after they have been removed from the website?

Yes, I keep all photos archived but once photos have been removed from the website there is a minimum prepaid search and reload fee of $25.00.

I want an image to promote my business. How much does it cost?

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Are there any restrictions on the photos I purchase?

Yes. Although you are purchasing photos copyright still remains the property of Take The Moment Photography and the images cannot be reproduced without permission. If you are wanting to use photos for advertising, use on a business website, or any other purpose please contact me.